What is Runescape Botting?


The term macroing refers to a procedure where a person or a program, often called a bot, completes specific tasks to gain capabilities or in this case earn money with OSRS Gold . Lots of bot clients are executed by scripted clicks and mouse/keyboard actions which are repeated many times to make the desired results.

Most people use macros for training, but botting or gold farming is also very popular with OSRS as well as RS3 players. Most of the time, it's simple tasks such as fishing or cutting wood However, scripts are becoming more complicated and sophisticated and can perform more challenging tasks.

While the benefits of short-term use seem appealing because you won't have to do much Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold, and your computer takes care of things for you. But the final results aren't that impressive. However, most players who use bots typically end up in the wrong position.